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Spaceport Camden
  • Spaceport Review Deeply Flawed April 2018
  • Spaceport comments, July 2017
  • Draft Environmental Impact Statement on "Spaceport Camden"
    Public hearings on this impact statement to be held April 11 and 12 in Kingsland, Georgia at the Recreation Center.

    • New information disclosed on March 22 indicates that claims made in the "draft EIS" greatly understate the "hazard area" for launches. Even for the smallest rockets - in use and anticipated - the hazard zone is actually more than DOUBLE the width evaluated in the draft environmental impact statement. On that basis alone, the current EIS must be rejected and a new, accurate assessment must be produced - using objective evaluation of FACTS! ( For more, see Center Facebook page )

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  • The Center for a Sustainable Coast is celebrating our 20th year of defending Georgia's coast Saturday June 17, 2017...more
  • Hands Across the Sand Coming to Tybee on May 20th
  • The Center's event, "Climate Change and the Future of Coastal Georgia" featured in a recent news story.
  • Climate Change and the Future of Coastal Georgia-November Event
  • Climate Conference Exhibit
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  • Center comments on risks of toxic pollution caused by LCP site.
  • Center disputes claims for $700 million Savannah port project.
  • Forum on Media & Georgia's Environment
  • AJC Editorial on the Proposed EPA Water Rule

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  • The State of Georgia's Coast: 2009 Update
  • Published Commentary By Center for a Sustainable Coast On Issues Related to Cumberland Island National Seashore
  • Sustainability Indicators for Coastal Georgia
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