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"Support the National Climate Platform @"
  • Environmental Quality - Water, Beaches, Marshes, Forests, Fish & Wildlife
  • Curbing climate change causing rising sea level, storm intensity, flooding
  • Transitioning to clean energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels
  • Improving outcomes of economic development and environmental permits
  • Enhancing public awareness of issues and participation in resolving them
  • Reshaping evaluation of development choices and their consequences

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  • Our Purpose
  • What the Center Stands For:
  • Defending the public's quality of life
  • Protecting natural beauty of Georgia's Coast

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    • Funding Sources
    • Family foundations and charitable trusts
    • Individual donations that are tax deductible
    • Efficiently Managed Administrative Budget
    • Carefully controlled expenses ensure effective use of limited funds
    • Financially reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm

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      Ignoring facts has dangerous consequences. The coronavirus outbreak must be controlled with science, just as climate-change impacts must be curbed with fact-based policies.
    • Political manipulation cannot protect us. Suppressing factual information threatens our health, quality of life, and future.
    • The politicization of information about COVID-19 and other threats will reduce trust and undermine the effectiveness of both public health advisories and environmental policies.
    • Actions Recommended:
      (a) Urge senators and representatives in Congress to ensure that Americans at risk are properly protected by restoring science in all aspects of government.
      (b) Talk to your local elected officials about the importance of science and accuracy in enforcement of ordinances, etc.
      (c) Discuss similar problems caused by disinformation and misinformation with your trusted colleagues, and (d) contact us about your concerns.

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    • Call your legislator(s)
    • Attend meetings
    • Speak out
    • Volunteer
    • Recruit support
    • Write comments

    • Resource Management
    • Coastal Issues
    • Governmental Associations
    • Climate Change / Sustainability
    • Environmental Education & Law

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