A sampling of numerous publications on local, state, and national environmental policy issues.
Publications available on request, or here on the Center’s website,
Note: The author of these publications is David Kyler, Executive Director of the Center.

- Water rule key to quality of life, Guest column, Atlanta Journal Constitution (October 22, 2014)
- ASR not just another “tool in the toolbox,”Guest column, Savannah Morning News (August 12, 2014)
- Water conservation bill falls far short, Guest column, The Atlanta Journal Constitution (March 2010)
- Soil Erosion & Flooding Threaten Coastal Waterways, Fishing, & Property Values (Golden Isles Weekend, April 2006)

- EPA’s Clean Power Plan is necessary, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Savannah Morning News (July 28, 2014)
- Robin Hood in Reverse: Consumers Bailing Out Georgia Power Stockholders, Atlanta Journal Constitution (April 3, 2012)
- Nuclear power bad on so many levels, Guest column, The Atlanta Journal Constitution (November 2008)
- Clean options merit some breaks, too, Guest column, Atlanta Journal Constitution (March 8, 2013)
- Vogtle venture costs public, Guest column, Atlanta Journal Constitution (March 2012)
- Facing the realities of oil dependence, Guest column, The Atlanta Journal Constitution (July 11, 2010)
- The Big Spill – Costs and Consequences of Our Energy Choices, Works in Progress (Summer 2010)
- Don’t risk Georgia coast in quest for energy – Guest column, The Atlanta Journal Constitution (July 5, 2005)

- Rule reversal hurts Georgia’s marshes, Guest column Savannah Morning News (May 9, 2014)
- More crimes and misdemeanors or just plain incompetence, Connect Savannah (May 7-13, 2014)
- Cumberland Harbour project has problems – Guest column, The Brunswick News (January 2006)
- Economy, environment form a team – Guest column, The Atlanta Journal Constitution (December 20, 2004)

- Project squanders millions, Guest column, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (December 25, 2013)
- Good for News to report Dirty Dozen, Letter to Editor, Brunswick News (November 27, 2013)
- Development speeds Jekyll’s urbanization, Guest column, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (September 20, 2013)
- Marsh or not, Jekyll’s future may ride on it, Guest column, Atlanta Journal Constitution (May 10, 2013)
- Harbor project’s mitigation costs excessive, Letter to Editor, Savannah Morning News (May 13, 2013)
- Reservoirs: Water supply or bonanza for speculators? Guest column, Atlanta Journal Constitution (August 17, 2012)
- More facts needed before dredging, Guest column, Atlanta Journal Constitution (April 2012)
- Pork barrel versus wise spending on Savannah port, Guest column, Atlanta Journal Constitution (November 2011)
- That Dogma Won’t Hunt, Guest column, Saporta Report (September 2011)

- Comments to NOAA on Georgia’s Coastal Management Program (May 2011)
- Reckless speculation aided by reservoir bill, Guest column, Atlanta Journal Constitution (April 2011)
- Jekyll dodges public review, Guest column, The Atlanta Journal Constitution (December 24, 2010)
- Comments to NOAA on the Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance Action Plan (October 2010)
- Plant the seeds for viable coastal future, Guest column, The Atlanta Journal Constitution (December 2009)
- Bad choices produce destructive outcomes, newsletter article (November 2009)
- Jekyll Island: How much is too much? – Works in Progress (Summer 2008)
- Jekyll questions loom large, Guest column, Savannah Morning News (November 2007)
- Sustainability Indicators for Coastal Georgia, Special Report (June 2007)
- Wetlands and River Triage Assessment Study: Helping the State Target Limited Resources
                        (Georgia Environmental Briefing Book, 2005/2006)

- Real estate speculation hurts coast – Guest column commentary, The Atlanta Journal Constitution (July 20, 2006)
        and in Atlantic CoastWatch (Sustainable Development Institute, Sept./Oct. 2006)
- Clean water is essential to area’s economic growth – Letter to editor, Savannah Morning News (July 2006)

- The State of Georgia’s Coast – A comprehensive analysis of the region’s growth, conditions, and trends (2003)
- Proposal: Protecting Coastal Georgia Fisheries (featured in Georgia Environmental Briefing Book, 2002)
- Investing in a Sustainable Georgia: Environmental Criteria for Public Investment in Economic Development
        (Georgia Environmental Briefing Book, Georgia Conservation Voters, 2002)

- Citizen’s Guide to Development in Coastal Georgia – Bureau of Public Affairs, Georgia Southern University (2001)
- We must do a better job or protecting natural resources (commentary in The Savannah Morning News, December 2001)
- Nuclear power not the answer to U.S. energy needs (commentary in The Savannah Morning News, 2001)
- A Proposal for Using Peer Review in the Environmental Permitting Process (2001 Georgia Water Resources Conference)
- Toward a Sustainable Coast: Issues, Problems, and Alternatives (table, 2001/2002)
- State’s polluted water endangers our future (commentary in The Atlanta Journal Constitution, 2001)
- Smart growth not just for Atlanta – commentary in The Macon Telegraph (December 1999)
- Surface Water Withdrawal and Coastal Economic Issues (1999 Georgia Water Resources Conference)
- Fisheries & Water Resource Permit Issues in the Lower Altamaha and Other Coastal Georgia Rivers
        (Paper and exhibit at the 1998 conference on Southeast Coastal Ocean Research - SECOR)
- Presentation on Coastal Georgia Water Resource Issues –
        public meeting on withdrawal permit issues related to The Savannah Group (TSG) in Chatham County (August, 1998)
- Coastal Center Concerned About Toxic Report & the Savannah River
  (presentation for press conference of the Public Interest Research Group on their report Troubled Waters, August 1998)
- Facts, Conditions, and Trends: Essential Fish Habitat & Related Coastal Georgia Resources (July, 1998)
- Position Statement on the TSG Permit for the Altamaha River (public meeting, March 1998)
- Resolution for Establishing a Surface Water Legislative Study Committee (Adopted by the General Assembly, 1998)
- Summary of the Coastal Georgia Greenway project, awards, and grants (1998)
- Economic Benefits of the Coastal Georgia Greenway - projected revenues and costs (1998)
- Summary: Proposed Legislative Provisions for Water Permitting and Related Environmental Laws (1998)
- Water Resource Issues in Glynn County (presentation to the Glynn Environmental Coalition 1997)
- Beneath the Surface and Beyond the Obvious: Resource Mismanagement in Coastal Georgia
        (special report for the Glynn Environmental Coalition,1997)
- Why The Savannah Group (TSG) as a Water Wholesaler is Unlike a Typical Permit Applicant (1997)
- Unanswered Questions about the Proposed Water withdrawal by TSG from the Altamaha River (1997)
- Development Implications of the TSG Permit for Water Withdrawal from the Altamaha River (1997)
- Economic Assessment of the TSG Permit for Water Withdrawal from the Altamaha River (1997)
- Presentation Notes on Sustainable Targets and Thresholds (1997)
- Aspects of Risk in Environmental Management (1997)
- Lessons from the Underground: Planning as Risk Management (1997)
- Summary Report of the Fisheries Research Workshop (November 1997)
- Ten Distinctions between Sustainable Development & Conventional Practices (1997)
- How We Can Improve Our Community Using Sustainable Development Practices (1997)
- Sustainable Development Orientation (1997)
- Economic Benefits of Ecotourism in Coastal Georgia (1997)
- Presentation on Water Resource Issues
- Unprecedented Proposal Raises Troubling Questions (press release on TSG, 1997)
- Statement of Support for the Georgia Coastal Management Program (1997)
- Advising Local Elected Officials in Water Resources Issues: Speaking Truth to Power
        (presentation at the1997 Georgia Water Resources Conference, University of Georgia, Athens)
- Summary of Proposed Groundwater Research; Estimated Cost and Funding Sources (1997)
NOTE: David Kyler is author of numerous other publications prepared during his previous career as a regional planner.
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