Save The Clean Air Act

Under severe pressure from industry lobbyists, President Bush has decided to weaken our clean air protections by letting approximately 17,000 of the country's biggest polluting facilities -- including old, dirty power plants, oil refineries, and chemical plants -- escape rules that require them to install modern pollution controls when they pump out more pollution. This unprecedented weakening of our clean air laws would allow millions more tons of soot, smog, and toxic pollution to be spewed into our air each year. We need your help to persuade the administration to keep our clean air laws strong! Please send the letter suggested below!

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Cc: Administrator Christie Whitman, EPA

Dear President Bush,
I am alarmed that your administration is preparing to weaken our clean air protections. I urge you not to gut the Clean Air Act by allowing power plants and refineries that increase production to avoid installing modernized pollution controls. If the New Source Review is weakened, the amount of harmful soot and smog pollution spewed into our skies will increase by millions of tons. Please take the health of millions of Americans seriously. This pollution leads to lung and heart problems, triggering asthma attacks, sending people to emergency rooms, and even cutting short the lives of tens of thousands of Americans each year. We should be moving forward on air pollution, not backward, as the lobbyists for the coal, oil and power industries are urging. Dirty power plants and refineries, which have avoided pollution rules for decades, should be required to use the best pollution controls available. Your administration should reject industry lobbyists' attempts to block enforcement of the Clean Air Act and any proposal that would weaken the Act's new source requirements for future projects. Please keep our clean air laws strong for us and for future generations.

(Your Name)

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